4 Things to Ask Before Hiring Book Publicists

  • DATE PUBLISHED :  March 3, 2020

Hiring book publicists is a crucial fact that first-time authors learn to face. Looking for the right publicists requires time that teases a thinning patience. Ideally, one who caters best to your concerns and are determined to maximize the exposure of your book.

What to Dos before Hiring Book Publicists
Promoting a book requires a perfected skill. It comes with absolute necessity to gauge on how skillful a book publicist. Yet, some authors fail to recognize the level of skills when hiring book publicists. This is due to failure to ask questions about the company and/or obtain a detailed information about the offered services. First-time author who wants to make a successful publicity? Here are important questions you need to ask before hiring book publicists:

1. What is your company’s website or what digital platforms are you available on?
A company’s website contains a detailed information that publicists often forget to mention during the phone call. Also, looking into the website’s content gives you an idea if they possess the skill to effectively publicize your material. Additionally, there are blogs on a publicity company’s website that helps you with the basic approaches to marketing a book.
Furthermore, looking into their social media accounts grants you the chance of knowing the popularity of their company. And, too, following their accounts on social media keeps you up to date. If there are special offers or new efficient services, awareness on these spares you from costly services.

2. What are the service options for my book?
Considering that they are the experts in this field, ask what the best package for your book is. Aside from asking for their recommendations, remember to ask why. Doing so allows you to have a deeper knowledge of the service. Be sure to list the options down, for purposes of comparison should you find them expensive.

3. Who are the people involved upon service purchase?
You have every right to know who your partners are during the period of publicity. Some authors are picky and prefer to choose a publicist of their own liking. The publicity management then assigns a team of competent individuals to efficiently handle the book’s publicity.

4. How often is the communication?
A lot of authors feel scammed because of publicists who fail to keep them updated. Frequent communication with project coordinators allows you to keep track of the publicity’s progress. Information including the results, future activities, and innovative recommendations are things you need to know from time to time. You paid for the service and you have every right to know how things are.

Being connected with the best publicity company right away sounds too dreamy. Nevertheless, not impossible. But, having a list of them allows you to compare which services best fit the genre of your book. Probing questions is the best way to know which is which. The questions above are part of the essentials when hiring book publicists. Make sure you list them down and use them as you transact with various book publicity firms.

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