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As an author, you know the value of your book. Truman publishing is a renowned book publishing / marketing company with reputed authors on our database. We provide you with the best quality  services for all your need. Why spend days and months looking?

We are also known as online digital media company which offers the best film and TV show ideas to Hollywood and the world. From novel adaptations to scripts, animated productions and game concepts – our mission is to discover, promote and develop the best new entertainment. We have a network of 200+ film agents & studio contacts who are looking for great new story concepts.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Truman Publishing Company?
    Truman Publishing provides writing and publishing services to many individuals and businesses. The company was founded by James Truman who, in 2007 started a magazine supporting writers. In 2012 James also promoted social media sites that highlights the work of people in the writing industry.
  • Is Truman Publishing Legit?
    Truman Publishing company is a legit service provider offering end to end book publishing and marketing. They serve businesses and individuals from many different industries. They support local artists, writers,  authors and jack-of-all-trade types. They've been around since 2007, though their story begins long before that.
  • When was Truman Publishing Company founded?
    James Truman is the founder and CEO of Truman Publishing, a multi-billion dollar publishing company. A recession-proof business in an otherwise volatile industry, Truman Publishing has grown to be one of the largest companies in the world. With 3,500 employees, it has dominated the publishing world for over 20 years.
  • What are the benefits you get when working with Truman Publishing? 
    Truman Publishing has partnered with the most secure platform for online publishing and marketing. By enlisting with us to publish or marketing your book, you don’t need to go through the tiresome process of selecting a publisher, getting your manuscript reviewed, etc., in a nutshell, you save both time and money! Truman Publishing is your trusted partner that will help ensure that your labor of love becomes well-received by the readers!
  • Where is Truman Publishing Located?
    Truman Publishing's main Office is located at 218 Delaware St , Kansas City, Missouri 64105 . Different mailing addresses are also available for their clients convenience for material submissions. 

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