Being an Author

  • DATE PUBLISHED :  March 3, 2020

Writing from within

All that who has written a book is clearly a courageous thinker, and as a thinker so to speak a writer thinks of so many things may it connote a positive outcome or the opposite. A thinker will always be a thinker regardless. Each Author wrote a book and sets their own success caliber – whether for a self-proclaimed success or better yet from word of mouth, as it is the highest form of publicity when others would speak for you and would seem to know more about your unspoken language brought by such a magnificent writing capability. When a book can relate to people it can influence them in a way that they would participate. We understand all of the ins and outs of having a book published thus a dreamer must not remain asleep and must be out there to claim the validation of whatever success may bring forth whence one puts himself out there for the world to read and react. A published book belongs to a reader thus that is what we are incredibly good at – Publicity!

So many have claimed and tried their best, but then have given up on the thought of hope, as what tomorrow may bring is totally different from what today had offered you. Consistency and transparency will most likely lead a better success rate than having to have no movement at all, just because one is afraid, or one had been torn apart from all the misunderstandings brought upon by anything likely or unlikely. We have the confidence of not giving up because if we do, all of what we aim for an Author would simply be of no use as it will put itself to a stop.

The services that we offer to you are not unfamiliar, although we have innovative ways as to cut some 10 plus years in the making of a successful book. Time is what we cannot hold in the palm of our hands thus we want to carry your weight and understand why we are doing so.
Published books belong to them now – your readers, so take us on that realistic part of your journey and be out there to be READ.

Come do publicity with us, not for us… we are Truman Publishing.

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