Get your book noticed through awards

What better way for self-published authors to get their books noticed than through awards? Book awards for self-published authors? Indeed! Whether you are a professional writer, a part-time freelancer, or a self-starting author, you have the opportunity to enter your book(s) for competitions exclusively for self-published titles. Is it necessary for you to take part in such book events? With hundreds of thousands of self-published titles hitting Amazon and Barnes & Noble every year, chances are that your book will get lost in the sea of others. This leaves you without much hope of being discovered, so how can you stand out and get noticed?
Winning one of the many book awards for self-published authors – or at least, being cited – is one way. Not many self-published and independent authors know this, but book awards are valuable marketing tools and additional publicity. Winners get more than just an award or plaque, prize money, and constructive feedback from judges; they get award stickers on their books, which will impress and influence book buyers at the point-of-sale.
While the choices for book awards are numerous, their value and impact can be hard to determine. It is important to you and your book’s success that you enter competitions that will benefit you the most as winning the right book award can help you break out of obscurity and launch into the spotlight.

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Eric Hoffer Book Award


Kirkus Indie is a fee-for-review program of the semi-monthly book evaluation magazine Kirkus Reviews. Originally called Kirkus Discoveries and launched in 2005, Kirkus Indie is dedicated to the review of self-published books. Self-published authors will find Kirkus Indie an indispensable tool to market and build awareness for their books. The service gives... 

Independent Publisher Book Awards (“IPPY”)


BlueInk Review is founded by book review editor Patti Thorn and literary agent Patty Moosbrugger. Thorn used to work for the now-defunct Denver, CO newspaper Rocky Mountain News. While at the Rocky, several authors approached Thorn to get a positive review for their books to boost sales. Most of these books were in need of excellent... 

Foreword INDIES Book Awards


Founded by the independent media company Foreword Magazine, Inc. in 2001, Clarion Review is geared towards independent and self-published authors who have published their works but struggle to get noticed in the overcrowded publishing landscape. With a Clarion Review, authors get more than just a capsule summary of their book. They get a... 

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