How to Become a Good Publicist

  • DATE PUBLISHED :  March 3, 2020

A good publicist isn’t someone who happened to be one in just a snap. With the dedication to learn and the patience to resist frustrations, the challenges of becoming one fall away with ease. But, are these the only two factors that make a good publicist?

What is the Main Motive of a Good Publicist?
Although bad publicity—aimed to corrupt publicity firms—is rampant, there remain authors who believe in a good publicist’s integrity. This is mainly because of the effectiveness and the efficiency that competent publicists serve to the authors with big dreams. Amassing the number of attention that a book deserves requires persistence paired with honesty. Luckily, a good publicist undergoes an intensive and an extensive research to successfully conquer book promotion challenges.

The dedication to helping the authors reach his targeted audience drives a good publicist to excel at what he does best. Despite the attacks on social media against the offered publicity services, the efficiency of these services remains a proven fact. As prejudiced blogs continue to reproach these firms, authors who work with publicity firms nullify the blogs’ intents.

What Makes up a Good Publicist?
Being visible in the market requires bearing the harshness of a segmented market’s struggles. It is the job of book publicists to grant authors the chance to exist in that market. But, how exactly do they do it and what makes up a good publicist?

This section discusses the factors that make up a good publicist and why authors resort to trusting them. Below is a list of the factors that you need to commit to memory, should you desire to be a proficient publicist:

A good publicist, who sets his passion into motion, sees to it that the author’s visions become a shared vision. The goal of the publicist lies not solely on acquiring profit from the trade of services. He makes certain that the curation of target readers is quick. Aside from that, he also guarantees the client that a realistic estimation of target conversion is attainable.
An excellent publicist always takes into consideration the authors who find skill deficiency in their outputs. The grounds of a book’s success lies not merely on its style of writing but also on its presentation to the public. From this, the waning confidence of the authors increases drastically—a firmer one this time.
Well-trained publicists put into action all the pieces of learning that he acquires through time. A book promoter meets different kinds of personalities. Having stated that, the limitations of a practiced spiel from training phase manifest clearly. Conquering areas of opportunities and willing the publicist’s self to learn new things help him obtain a client’s trust smoothly.
Resilience Is Key
It is essential for a good publicist to instill the factors mentioned above to himself as they cater to personal and professional growth. And, too, if one envisions of himself as a proficient publicist, one needs to consider the struggles along the way. Discouragements, arising from struggles, are certain to come. But, learning to adapt to them helps a publicist hone his skills and continue to learn until he becomes an expert in the field. Resilience is the ultimate key to better serve the authors or prospective clients, even though their decisions can be pretty relentless. Therefore, a publicist needs to consider the chances that even he himself cannot bend and just move on to another client.

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