Increasing Your Book Sales

Know the How To’s

  • DATE PUBLISHED :  March 3, 2020

Ever caught yourself in an incessant despair due to the lagging pace of your work’s recognition? Well, have you ever considered digital marketing? If so, has your marketing plan satisfied your business goals? And if not, now is the best time you think critically about it.

The era of digital marketing has ironed a variety of business plights, especially in the literary industry. In just seconds of key tapping and a click, market visibility increases and so are the chances in increasing your book sales. It is that easy!

So, how do you exactly increase your book sales?

Engage in online activities.
While the traditional methods of marketing remain effective, the industrial revolution has heightened the efficiency of contemporary marketing. Almost all postmodern activities happens on the Internet; it’s where people are. That said, curating your prospective readers becomes untroublesome.

Create a website.

What better way for author and book-branding than to create a website for your work? With a website’s relevant design and powerful content, there is an excellent chance in converting prospects into book buyers. That aside, the website stimulates author-and-reader interaction. All you have to do is find an experienced web developer.

Establish a strong social media presence.
Every business minded person wants a drastic increase of market visibility in a short span of time. To do just that, you have to establish a strong presence in social media.

According to statistics (The Statistics Portal), 2019 will have an estimated social media users at around 2.77 billion all over the world. Hence, it comes as no surprise why businesses have their eyes fixed on using social media for advertisement propagation.

Despite the numerous competitors, you can still build a strong social media presence. How so? Take note of the following:

-Pick social platforms appropriate for the book genre.

-Create profiles with relevant images and provide a concise description of what the book is about. Don’t forget to add contact button.

-Share relevant content to the audience, preferably your website’s blog. This potentially increases your website’s traffic.

-Post consistently.

-Build a relationship with your audience by responding to them.

-Always remember to take advantage of platform analytics. Digital platforms have free analytics which helps you come up with new marketing strategies by analyzing audience likes and dislikes.

-Devise incentive-based offers to encourage prospects to share your posts and therefore increase your sphere of influence

Research about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.
Search engines provide web readers the exact information they want. Despite the countless search results, no one bothers looking past the first page. It is a tough job to make it on the first page of search engines — nevertheless, feasible.

For your website to rank, you have to have knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thereafter, conduct an intensive research on SEO strategies relevant to the market you’re penetrating.

Moreover, there are tools that provide specific keyword research. With your website, ranking in the first pages on every search engine, there is a guaranteed increase on your book sales.

Hire a book publicist.
Marketing will never go wrong with the right book publicist on your side. As experts of book publicity, they devise ways to make sure that the book reaches the designated niche.

Of course, the publicists have to know what your goals are aside from increasing your book sale. In so doing, marketing plans and pieces of advice will be proposed to you with the right expectations.

From the traditional marketing methods to the contemporary ones, name it and they’ll ace any marketing duties and responsibilities.

All of these components are tools which can be wrongly used if not properly launched which includes perfect timing.

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