Knowing What Publicists Do:
What is a Publicist?

  • DATE PUBLISHED :  March 3, 2020

Authors often wonder what publicists do. Most often than not, they assume that publicists and publishers are just the same. Publicists and publishers are two very different entities.

By delineating the focus of these two entities, their differences become clear. A section of this article provides that information for authors to know what these differences are. To know more about publicists and what publicists do, keep reading.

What is a Publicist?

Authors confuse book publicists with book publishers. There’s a huge difference, although both belong in the literary industry. Between these two lies a border that differentiates both entities.

A publicist is a professional whose expertise lies in the field of marketing. While it is a publisher’s duty to edit and develop a book’s design, a publicist develops marketing schemes. They are a team of marketers who research on various market segments and niches to help authors. More on publicists’ tasks later.

The main task of publishers is the development of an author’s books. They make sure that the book’s design and strong command of language compel readers to purchase the book. Although publishers help authors sell their books, successful and efficient book publicity is out of their scope.

Investing in the services of these two entities increases the chance for authors to earn recognition on a global scale. Although there are authors who discourage themselves from investing in book marketing, the majority believe in the power of marketing. But, what exactly are the tasks of publicists? And, why is it necessary to invest in marketing plans?

What Publicists Do

Attaining market visibility is a challenge that often times disheartens authors. Due to the slow pace of their book, they quickly give up on their book’s potential. Oblivious to book marketers or book publicists, their hard work and passion dive into the bin of wasted dreams.

Publicists are the professionals responsible for maximizing the exposure of a book to a segmented market. From thorough analysis of a book, they develop marketing tactics. Needless to say, transforming prospective readers into buyers requires less effort. The commitment to help authors by means of publicizing a book efficiently guarantees authors a maximized exposure. Having that stated, a marketed book becomes accessible to the un-curated target readers.

If authors desire to unlock the potential of their book, they need to know the functions of these two entities. Confusing one with the other makes it difficult for authors to reach his target readers. An investment in these literary businesses guarantees a greater chance of affecting the readers’ lives. Should authors dream to impart life-changing messages, the two literary entities’ services come in handy.

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