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  • DATE PUBLISHED :  March 3, 2020


The traditional ways of self-publishing a book have long lagged in today’s digital developments. No one even considered creating an online publishing or an online store for their books. Aside from that, authors are becoming discouraged by the percentage (book royalties) they receive from book sales. Instead of fueling authors’ dreams with happiness, these dreams are converted into unwanted ones.

Above all, despite the fancy spiels of penetrating the desired markets by means of book distributions, authors hardly obtain what they deserve. No matter how much they promise authors with a hundred percent royalties, a book royalty remains a book royalty. A percentage remains a percentage of the whole book sale. And, these book distributors barely provide the exact number of book sales. Thus, authors don’t know if the royalties they’re receiving are miscalculated. Fortunately, the revolutionary online publishing service changes all that.

Online Publishing – Build and Manage Your Online Store

The constant digital developments have skyrocketed authors’ opportunities to a whole new level. Online publishing helps authors build a strong foundation in the literary market. With certainty, the authors’ sphere of influence will drastically increase. More than that, they will manage their online bookstore.

Online Publishing is a game changer that maximizes opportunities for the authors. The next section of this article will tackle all the benefits of the service, and why authors should take advantage of it ASAP.

Benefits of Online Publishing
Let’s face a common fact: some authors are not receiving the promising benefits once their book gets published. Promised only with royalties from their own works, satisfaction becomes hardly met. Sooner or later, doubt grows hastily as they receive the bare minimum of their publishers’ promises. Thereafter, authors become hesitant in dealing businesses with literary industries. As victims of failed promises, their trust disintegrates.

However, online publishing puts an abrupt end to all these. Here’s a list of benefits that authors would gain:

Transparency is always an issue when disclosing the exact purchases of the book sales. Apparently, authors find it hard to believe the royalties they’re receiving, especially if they know the powerful content of their material. This skepticism grows as they receive questionable amounts of royalties.

Online publishing builds you an online store which you can manage yourself or assign people to do so. Having said that, you’ll have full access to the system, thereby enabling you to keep track of website activities. Once a web visitor purchases your book via your website, you’ll receive a notification real time. If you’re tired of hearing the patent ambiguities from your self-publishers, you might want to consider this benefit.

If you ask authors what their most dreaded phase of the whole publishing process is, you’ll probably hear them say everything. Honestly, the whole process is not as complicated as it sounds—with this advance service that is. Online publishing rids all the hassle traditional process of publishing. It’s a readers-click-and-authors-earn concept.

Earn Book Sales Instead of Royalties
In just a matter of clicks, you will receive a notification of the purchase while our system works its magic. All you have to do is watch yourself earn book sales instead of royalties. Imagine that! Disregarding the cut-rate cost of print and shipment, self-publishers won’t have a share of your earnings. The store, the book, the book sales, they are all yours.

Direct Sales
Should you fancy attending book events such as book signing and book fairs, you can sell your books via personally. Through Shopify’s service, Shopify POS (point of sale), direct purchase is made possible. All you have to do is install the app, and we’ll provide you with a full POS system. From then on, you can sell your books in the book events you attend in person. All you have to do is bring the card reader and swipe a prospect-turned-buyer’s card on it. Readers may purchase also through Google pay. Convenient, isn’t it?

Shoppify’s application helps you manage your online store in a unified and simplified platform. This feature allows you to take your business everywhere and thus manage it at your leisure.

Why You Should Take Advantage of It
If you’re all up for the benefits mentioned above, why not? Book Pitchers' designed this service to relieve the authors from their doubts, discouragements, and disappointments caused by unmet expectations. Authors aspire to continue imparting knowledge throughout the world. But, some self-publishers corrupted those aspirations and profit unjustly from authors’ materials. It is our ultimate goal to stop that malpractice.

It’s the age of digital revolution after all, and, to survive in it, one must learn to adapt to its ways. Build an online store and earn rightfully. Be an author and your own publisher at the same time.

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