The Greatest Difficulties
Authors Face

  • DATE PUBLISHED :  March 3, 2020

There are certain difficulties authors face. Despite the brilliance they possess, there remains the tendency to falter as the task progresses. After all, the certainty of struggles in writing helps the author get a better grasp on self-development.

The difficulties that authors face are factors that dishearten them to continue writing. This then results in unfinished and unpublished literary masterpieces. Instead of being discouraged from these writing challenges, authors need to perceive them as a necessity in becoming better writers.

The Four Common Difficulties Authors Face
Imagining about writing a book for the first time fills authors with intense excitement, more so actually doing it. But before anything else, it is essential to know what the common difficulties authors that face are. So, what exactly are they? Check the list below to find out:

Uncertainties about where to start. A torrent of ideas overwhelms authors to think clearly. Having stated this, the growing frustration from being indecisive causes great delays. Should the dilemma remain unresolved, there is a good chance that an author abandons the thought finishing a book.

Irrational worries. A constant worry about the entire concept of the material makes an author want to stop writing. These irrational worries root from a comparison between the author himself and a prolific one. Welcoming the feedbacks about a book helps him regain his losing confidence. Hence, he no longer forces himself to write because he feels obligated. Instead, he learns to furnish what he is most passionate about.

Writer’s block. One of the common and greatest difficulties authors face is writer’s block. Mental stress is the main cause of this impediment. To prevent this, an author needs to liberate himself from whatever bothers his mind. Breathing exercises help reduce mental stress. In fact, there are other exercises that help relieve stress. Other than that, a scheduled writing is necessary as this grants the author the best time to write.

Losing motivation. As an output continues to progress, the excitement of publishing it diminishes through time. In the occurrence of unfortunate circumstances, authors get easily demotivated. From this, they barely will themselves to finish the book. By fully acknowledging the problem and discovering what causes it, authors regain their depleting motivation.

What Good Does a Clear Mind Do When Writing?
A worry-free or stress-free mind alleviates the gravity of the four common difficulties authors face. Investing too many problems and never giving your mind the chance to liberate itself from them is a destruction of his passion. Good writing requires a sated mind, for a troubled one swerves from the main idea of the book. So when you sit down and write anything, be sure to have a peaceful mind. Always remember, a good output makes an excellent book visibility or publicity.

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